nautilus NAUTILUS GTX Giga Arbor Fly Reel
nautilus NAUTILUS GTX Giga Arbor Fly Reel

NAUTILUS GTX Giga Arbor Fly Reel

Item #: NA105

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Nautilus GTX Reel $1,300.00
Nautilus GTX X-Spool $575.00


NAUTILUS GTX GIGA ARBOR FLY REEL – With a maximum 25lb drag, the GTX is built to put the brakes on the fastest and strongest fish on the planet. 5-inch diameter reel with a narrow 1.1-inch wide spool. The Giga spool design promotes strength, maximum line pickup, and fast line drying. The GTX brake is a brand new design featuring a pressure spring that is sandwiched between two aluminum discs that apply even pressure to the drag surfaces by rotating in unison. The dual drag surface has an oversized carbon fiber disc on one side and a cork/Kevlar/carbon fiber hybrid on the other. The cork acts as a compression material to ensure a smooth drag transition while the carbon fiber delivers market-leading overall smoothness. The new Kevlar® mid layer provides additional rigidity to the drag surface and spreads the pressure more evenly across the surface, insulating any heat generated by friction and dampening vibrations for the smoothest perceived drag on the market. Available in Black or Silver anodized. Lifetime warranty. Made in USA.


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