orvis ORVIS Helios-3 Fly Rods
orvis ORVIS Helios-3 Fly Rods

ORVIS Helios-3 Fly Rods

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“Fast is fine, accuracy is everything”… Wyatt Earp

ORVIS HELIOS 3F & 3D FLY ROD SERIESThere is a famous quote by Wyatt Earp. “Fast is fine, accuracy is everything.” What anglers discover with experience is just that. In fly fishing, accuracy is everything. Whether it’s the right drift in the feeding lane, the sightline of a cruising predator, or the right level of the water column, the difference between success and failure is often measured in inches. The all new H3 fly rods are designed with the primary purpose of transferring casting energy into accuracy. New materials and construction techniques greatly reduce oscillations in the H3 rods after the cast is made. They have a lower levered weight so they feel lighter in the hand and are 17% stronger in tensile strength, 40% stronger in hoop strength, and 77% stronger in impact strength. The H3 represents a fundamental shift from flex profiles to a new frontier in accuracy and purpose-driven design. Helios 3F is accuracy with finesse, a dry fly angler’s dream. Helios 3D is accuracy with power at distance for pinpoint delivery of larger flies. The difference is taper and stiffness, but the design foundation of accuracy remains constant. Low-reflection Matte-Storm finish blanks are appointed with SIC Titanium stripping guides and REC recoil snake guides. Realseats are type-III anodized aluminum Midnight-Black with Matte-Storm carbon insert. Made in Manchester, VT.

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