renzetti RENZETTI Hook Retainer/Material Clip
renzetti RENZETTI Hook Retainer/Material Clip

RENZETTI Hook Retainer/Material Clip

Item #: RR073

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Fits Traveler & Presentation 4000 Vises $23.99
Fits Clouser Arms $23.99


RENZETTI HOOK RETAINER/MATERIAL CLIP – FOR TYING GAME CHANGERS & OTHER LONG STREAMERS by Andy Renzetti, Blane Chocklett and Nick Groves. Hook Retainers are designed to hold a secondary hook when tying longer flies, perfect for tying with articulated shanks and spines. It also serves as a material clip when tying smaller flies. Available in two models: (A)Fits Traveler and Presentation 4000 Series, (B)Fits Clouser Arms


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