renzetti RENZETTI Tool Bar
renzetti RENZETTI Tool Bar


Item #: RR081

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$59.99 - $74.99 59.99 74.99
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Black 4.5" $59.99
Black 6" $74.99
Clear 4.5" $59.99
Clear 6" $74.99


RENZETTI TOOL BAR – A great tool organizer, designed to hold a number of fly-tying hand tools including scissors. Also has attachment points for Renzetti Parachute Attachment and Enhancement Plate. It is made out of aluminum and will fit any 3/8” stem. Its locking mechanism is superior to any toolbar on the market. ANODIZED COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Clear. TWO SIZES: (4.5” BAR $54.99), (6” BAR $69.99)


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