MINNESOTA Fly Tool Bundle
MINNESOTA Fly Tool Bundle

MINNESOTA Fly Tool Bundle

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MINNESOTA FLY TOOL BUNDLE -- INCLUDES THE FLY TOOLS & BOTH SIZE HAIR PACKERS - MN Fly Tools unique tool will give you the ability to see how your buck tail and other materials are laying out as you’re tying! The ultimate tool for the “reverse bucktail” tying method, no matter what materials you are using, and also one of the best hair packers ever made. It allows you to create a custom head size and flare of each buck tail stack to get the ideal size, shape, and perfect taper! This bundle comes with both sizes of their tool with a stand for your tying station!

Two Sizes included + Stand: Pike/Musky & Bass/Trout

F-C EXCLUSIVE: These tools we are selling are ALL CLEAR allowing for excellent visibility. There are no identification markings on them other than the molded-in MN Fly Tools logo.

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