RAIDZAP G10 Adjustable Bobbin
RAIDZAP G10 Adjustable Bobbin

RAIDZAP G10 Adjustable Bobbin

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RAIDZAP G10 ADJUSTABLE BOBBIN – The first fly tying bobbin with interchangeable heads and tube length adjustment (Quick Shift System). Create your own fly tying bobbin like YOU want it. Comes with a small adjustable cone(trout head) for delicate tying and a large adjustable cone(predator head) for larger freshwater and saltwater tying. Comes with two different length carbide tubes that you can slide up and down to make the bobbin anywhere between 3.34” – 4.72” in total length for a custom fit. The 25-gram weight feels great in hand. Thread fits securely in the sturdy legs. Made in Denmark.


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