SWISS CDC Multi Clamp Minus
SWISS CDC Multi Clamp Minus

SWISS CDC Multi Clamp Minus

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SWISS CDC MULTI CLAMP MINUS - A smaller version of the ultra-popular Swiss CDC Multi Clamp (see page-82). This smaller version features a refined lazered grid for proportioning the tying material to 2.5mm making it perfect for tying trout flies and smaller streamers. Through an additional vertical attachment of the grid, the tying material can now also be measured and fixed in the tying height. This makes it possible to always take exactly the same lengths of material into the loop. Narrower than the standard Multiclamp but with a stronger clamping force. Works great with all types of materials including CDC, Deer/Elk Hair, Hackle, Dubbing, you name it. Just over 1 3/4" wide on the clamping surface.


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