SMHAEN Master Dubbing Twister (blue)
SMHAEN Master Dubbing Twister (blue)

SMHAEN Master Dubbing Twister (blue)

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SMHAEN MASTER DUBBING TWISTER - The first dubbing twister in the world with a 100% dubbing loop control system. It is a modern designed tool, but still a classic fly tying dubbing twister. With a small pressure pinch (like a hackle plier) the loop can be opened to apply materials in the loop, then release to close the loop. Re-open as you need to add other materials like rubber legs, CDC, etc. The perfectly balanced design spins the loop and materials very smooth and tight.

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- Modern design

- Classic use with hook system

- Built in plier with dubbing loop control

- 100% loop control

- Shaft with marks for easy spinning

- Perfectly balanced spinning

- Perfectly balanced weight


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