ross ROSS Evolution-R Salt Fly Reel
ross ROSS Evolution-R Salt Fly Reel

ROSS Evolution-R Salt Fly Reel

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ROSS EVOLUTION-R SALT LARGE-ARBOR FLY REELS - The R Salt builds on the foundation of its smaller sibling, but instead of the Evolution R’s 7-disc system, it features a supercharged 16-disc sealed drag system comprised of stainless steel and carbon fluoropolymer, producing nearly 30 pounds of drag pressure. Also an industry first, the R Salt features two smaller counterbalances on the spool - this innovative design reduces mass and creates perfect, vibration-free performance when line is being ripped off the spool on long runs. This exceptional braking power is housed in a lightweight, yet incredibly strong frame and spool that is based on the Evolution R’s unique design. The large, frame-integrated drag knob allows for easy on-the-fly adjustments with just the palm of your hand during long fights with oversized quarry. The R Salt's geometry is reinforced throughout, yielding an incredibly rugged, yet elegant reel that performs in the most challenging of environments. All of this comes together to create a fishing tool with a power-to-weight ratio never before seen in a saltwater fly reel, making the R Salt one of the most unique, best performing reel per dollar of any on the water today. ANODIZED COLORS: (1)Matte-Black, (2)Platinum. Lifetime Warranty. Made in Colorado.

ULTRALIGHT WEIGHT Fully machined in the USA from our proprietary 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, models start at just 7.5 ounces | Innovative dual mini counterbalances reduce mass

SEALED DRAG Industry leading power-to-weight ratio in a fully sealed system | Proprietary carbon fiber and stainless steel disc stack

STAINLESS STEEL INTERNALS All internal components are machined stainless steel, finished with a special coating for saltwater durability

REINFORCED FRAME & SPOOL Bolstered structural rigidity as well as increased backing capacity

CUSTOM HANDLE MATERIAL Fully machined canvas phenolic rod, resting on a 7075-T6 chromated aluminum post yields reduced weight and increased grip when wet

FINISH Type II anodized for the perfect balance of hardness and color

CONNECTION AND CONVERSION Quick release spool and easy left-hand to right-hand retrieve conversion

FISHING APPLICATION Designed for use in all freshwater, warmwater, and saltwater fishing environments



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