Semperfli Extreme Chenille String (40mm)
Semperfli Extreme Chenille String (40mm)

Semperfli Extreme Chenille String (40mm)

Item #: SE001

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$3.95 $ 3.95
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Black $3.95
Black/Orange $3.95
Blue $3.95
Brown $3.95
Bronze $3.95
Chartreuse $3.95
Christmas $3.95
Copper $3.95
Cream $3.95
Fl. Dennis The Menace $3.95
Fl. Dark Pink $3.95
Fl. Orange $3.95
Fl. Shrimp Pink $3.95
Fl. Salmon Roe $3.95
Fl. Silver $3.95
Gold $3.95
Green $3.95
Lime $3.95
Litchen $3.95
Pale Pink $3.95
Tan $3.95
White $3.95
Yellow $3.95
Red $3.95


SEMPERFLI EXTREME CHENILLE STRING (40MM) Check out this new streamer material from Semperfli. Perfect for large predator streamers OR give it a trim for smaller patterns. The 40mm strands are a mix of solid and metallic flash that you are going to love. Bulky when tied without trimming, but when wet the fibers lay down to create a very nice body profile with great movement. 24 colors. (1)Black, (2)Black/Orange, (3)Blue, (4)Brown, (5)Bronze, (6)Chartreuse, (7)Christmas, (8)Copper, (9)Cream, (10)Fl. Dennis the Menace, (11)Fl. Dark Pink, (12)Fl. Orange, (13) Fl. Shrimp Pink, (14)Fl. Salmon Roe, (15)Fl. Silver, (16)Gold, (17)Green, (18)Lime, (19)Litchen, (20)Pale Pink, (21)Tan, (22)White, (23)Yellow, (24)Red

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