Semperfli Quick Dub
Semperfli Quick Dub

Semperfli Quick Dub

Item #: SE003

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SEMPERFLI QUICK DUB Looking for a quick and easy way to lay down a dubbed body? This is it. Simply tie on using your thread and wrap the Quick Dub around the hook for a complete body (or load your favorite colors in a bobbin). Available in SOLID or GLINT. The Glint variant has a strand of metallic thread running throughout the dubbing, this creates a rib as you add this dubbing to your hook. 10 colors available in GLINT and 16 available in SOLID. GLINT: (1)Beige, (2)Black, (3)Cream, (4)Dark Beige, (5)Graphite, (6)Grey, (7)Pale Olive, (8)Red, (9)White, (10)Shrimp Pink, SOLID: (11)Black Mottled, (12)Brown, (13)Cream, (14)Dark Green, (16)Dark Olive, (17)Grey, (18)Light Grey, (19)Light Olive, (20)Orange, (21)Pale Olive, (22)Red, (23)Sage, (24)Sunburst Orange, (25)Shrimp Pink, (26)White


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