SCOTT Wave Fly Rod Series
SCOTT Wave Fly Rod Series

SCOTT Wave Fly Rod Series

Item #: SF118

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$675.00 $ 675.00
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906/4 (9ft 6wt 4pc) $675.00
907/4 (9ft 7wt 4pc) $675.00
908/4 (9ft 8wt 4pc) $675.00
909/4 (9ft 9wt 4pc) $675.00
9010/4 (9ft 10wt 4pc) $675.00
9011/4 (9ft 11wt 4pc) $675.00
9012/4 (9ft 12wt 4pc) $675.00


SCOTT WAVE SERIES FLY RODS - A feeling of near weightlessness in hand. Authoritatively powerful. Undoubtedly in control. Plain fun to fish. Wave rods bring together high line speed, exceptional loop control, and point-it-and-it goes-there accuracy. They feel light and lively in hand and respond intuitively to input from the angler. Wave rods easily handle a wide range of line densities and fly sizes, making them ideal tools for pursuing powerful fish in all fresh and saltwater environments. And when that pursuit turns into a hook up, Wave rods have lifting power to spare, helping keep fish out of structure or the depths.

Equally at home slam fishing the flats, casting fast sinking lines for stripers, or chasing carp and bass at the local park, Wave rods deliver high performance across a wide variety of fishing situations, structure or the depths.


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