sage SAGE Maverick Series Saltwater Fly Rods
sage SAGE Maverick Series Saltwater Fly Rods

SAGE Maverick Series Saltwater Fly Rods

Item #: SG215

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$675.00 $ 675.00
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690-4 (9ft 6wt) $675.00
790-4 (9ft 7wt) $675.00
890-4 (9ft 8wt) $675.00
990-4 (9ft 9wt) $675.00
1090-4 (9ft 10wt) $675.00
1190-4 (9ft 11wt) $675.00
1290-4 (9ft 12wt) $675.00
1486-4 (8ft 6in 14wt) $675.00


SAGE MAVERICK SERIES SALTWATER FLY RODS have been designed from the ground up with Konnetic Technology to be fine-tuned to the demanding needs of saltwater specific applications. Tailored to maximize the all-important quick-shot opportunities with a powerful tip section that drives the casting load down to more robust lower sections, making it easier to fire quick efficient casts. A true saltwater backbone for pulling and lifting power. Over-size guides, integrated “hidden” reelseat hook keeper, anodized reelseat and full wells grip with fighting-butt. Blanks are Pacific Blue. Rod bag and aluminum tube included. Sage Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.


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