smith optics SMITH Redding with Low Light Ignitor Lens
smith optics SMITH Redding with Low Light Ignitor Lens

SMITH Redding with Low Light Ignitor Lens

Item #: SM027

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SMITH REDDING with LOW LIGHT IGNITOR LENS - A highly technical polarized lens intended to offer glare protection in the hours of the day that where the sun is lower in the sky or hidden behind clouds. This polarized lens is built on our Techlite glass lens platform to maximize clarity and provides up to 12x more scratch resistance than a polymer lens and can be up to 20% lighter than a traditional glass lens.

The Redding represents a new era in an 8 base wrap technology. The classic styling with modern looks is injection molded in Italy and has premium ChromaPop™ Plus, ChromaPop™ Glass, and Techlite™ Glass for unsurpassed optical clarity. Narrow lightweight temples, out-of-sight spring hinges, and megol nose and temple pads provide a detailed and secure fit for all-day comfort. If you’re looking for optimal craftsmanship combined with high-end materials and lenses then the Redding is your choice to tackle any adventure.

Black Frame

Visual Light Transmission = 40%


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