SPAWN 60-Degree Jig Shanks
SPAWN 60-Degree Jig Shanks

SPAWN 60-Degree Jig Shanks

Item #: TA518

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$5.99 - $8.95 5.99 8.95
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15mm $5.99
20mm $8.95
30mm $5.99
40mm $5.99


SPAWN 60-DEGREE JIG SHANKS - Bronze finish. SIZES: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm. (20-pak)

SPAWN JIG SHANKS allow you to easily articulate your jig patterns. Add more shanks for multiple articulations using the FISH SKULL Articulated Shanks, or simply slide on a hook to fit your target species. When you want your articulated flies to have side-to-side and vertical movement the 60 Degree Jig Shank fits right in the feeding slot. Easily adjust weighting to your fishing needs with slotted beads or dumbbell eyes. Articulating a jig style fly adds an irresistible kick fish can’t resist.


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