Wigglefin Action Discs
Wigglefin Action Discs

Wigglefin Action Discs

Item #: TB131

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$6.95 - $10.95 6.95 10.95
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#1 (for 1"-3" long flies) $6.95
#2 (for 3"-6" long flies) $8.25
#3 (for 6"-9" long flies) $10.95


WIGGLEFIN ACTION DISCS – Position on leader in front of the fly to create the wiggle action. To vary the amount of wiggle, use the Slide Lock option (SOLD SEPARATELY) to lock the disc in place further up the leader away from the fly. With experimentation some crazy side-to-side actions can be created, particularly with articulated patterns. SIZES: #1(for 1”-3” long flies 6-PAK), #2(for 3”-6” long flies 6-PAK), #3(for 6”-9” long flies 4-PAK)


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