UV Life Flex Wrap
UV Life Flex Wrap

UV Life Flex Wrap

Item #: TD156

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$5.50 $ 5.50
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Black $5.50
Brown $5.50
Chartreuse $5.50
Hot Orange $5.50
Olive $5.50
Olive/brown $5.50
Purple $5.50
Red $5.50
Tan $5.50
White Clear $5.50


Add some life to your favorite fly patterns with the new UV life flex wrap. Perfect material for adding more life to your streamer patterns. Each package comes with two yards of material. Comes in eleven different colors. 1) Black 2)Brown 3) Chartreuse 4)Fl Fushsia 5)Hot Orange 6)Olive 7)Olive-Brown 8)Purple 9)Red 10) Tan 11) White-Clear


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