FNF Jelly Fritz 15mm
FNF Jelly Fritz 15mm

FNF Jelly Fritz 15mm

Item #: TD162

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Candy $6.95
Fire Prawn $6.95
Fl Milk $6.95
Black Jack $6.95
Atomic Yellow $6.95
Marshmallow Pink $6.95
Hulk $6.95
Prawn $6.95
Pale Olive $6.95
Shocking Pink $6.95
Zest $6.95
Magma $6.95
Biscuit $6.95
Pellet $6.95
Safety Orange $6.95
Melon $6.95
Flesh $6.95
Fire Pink $6.95
Competition Pink $6.95
Golden Olive $6.95


FNF JELLY FRITZ 15MM – Advances in technology and materials have allowed FNF to take their award winning Jelly and improve it with more movement, twice the fluorescence, brighter colors, softer in the fish mouths, more translucency, and still keeping all the other great qualities of original Jelly Fritz. Mounted on a micro core for easy tye-ins. COLORS: (1)Sunburst-Orange, (2)Candy, (3)Fire-Prawn, (4)Fl-Milk, (5)Black-Jack, (6)Atomic-Yellow, (7)Marshmallow-Pink, (8)Hulk, (9)Prawn, (10)Pale-Olive, (11)Shocking-Pink, (12)Zest, (13)Magma, (14)Biscuit, (15)Pellet, (16)Blushing-Sunburst, (17)Safety-Orange, (18)Melon, (19)Flesh, (20Fire-Pink

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The Blob Fly Invasion is here!

Here’s a new weapon for your lake fishing arsenal. Finicky Rainbows and Browns really go after Blob flies, although British fly fishers can’t explain why. These are fished with a stillwater technique developed by competition fly fishers in England; fast-stripping brightly colored "Blob" flies at all depths, depending on the fly line being used. The Blob flies are simple to tye and the method is absolutely deadly. Blob flies can be fished alone, doubled three feet apart, as an attractor trailing a nymph behind it, or all of the above under an indicator on choppy days. See YouTube for tons of Blob fly fishing and tying videos. Here are the favorite materials from Frozen North Flyfishing (FNF) for tying Blob Flies. Of course, all of these materials can also be incorporated into bugger patterns, etc.


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