FNF Chewing Gum Worm 3mm Soft Chenille
FNF Chewing Gum Worm 3mm Soft Chenille

FNF Chewing Gum Worm 3mm Soft Chenille

Item #: TD165

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Biscuit $5.95
Black $5.95
Brandling Worm $5.95
Brilliant White $5.95
Cheese $5.95
Dark Olive $5.95
Red $5.95
Golden Olive $5.95
Hulk $5.95
Marshmallow Pink $5.95
Pumpkin $5.95
Sweetcorn $5.95
Amber $5.95
Mustard $5.95
Watermelon $5.95


CHEWING GUM WORM 3MM SOFT CHENILLE – You’ve never seen anything like this material, perfect for tying worms for trout. It is a soft rubbery-fiber/blended chenille ideal for fly bodies and ‘chewing gum’ worms. Fish grab it and hold on. The soft material is mounted on a nano core so it can be easily stripped off to tie in. The gum has some buoyancy, so when tied in to flies it will slow down their sink rate, holding it in the hot zone longer. Tie in a bead if you want to fish it under an indicator. The material has a soft curl to it so any movement will kick life into the worm as the curl opens out and then returns. The chewing gum material is very lumpy giving it a more lifelike appearance. COLORS: (1)Biscuit, (2)Black, (3)Brandling-Worm, (4)Brilliant-White, (5)Cheese, (6)Dk-Olive, (7)Red, (8)Golden-Olive, (9)Hulk, (10)Marshmallow-Pink, (11)Pumpkin, (12)Sweetcorn.

Copy and paste this link into your browser to view this worm building material under water. It’s alive!



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