FNF 2-Tone Jelly Fritz
FNF 2-Tone Jelly Fritz

FNF 2-Tone Jelly Fritz

Item #: TD170

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$7.95 $ 7.95
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Atomic Olive $7.95
Fire-Prawn/Hot-Coral $7.95
Fire-Prawn/Yellow $7.95
UV-Ghost/Hulk $7.95
Hulk/Atomic-Yellow $7.95
Ian-Barr-Candy/Pink $7.95
Ian-Barr-Candy/Ghost-Candy $7.95
Jenkins Double Sunburst $7.95
Orange/Hot-Coral $7.95
Pink/Hot-Coral $7.95
Pink/Pink $7.95
Orange/Atomic-Yellow $7.95
Shocking-Pink/Atomic $7.95
Sunburst/Orange $7.95
UV Atomic Ghost $7.95
UV Ghost Orange $7.95
UV Ghost Pink $7.95
Zest Pink $7.95
Pink/Hot-Coral $7.95


2-TONE JELLY FRITZ – The amazing body material for tying Blob Flies, and much more, now available in SUBTLE TWO TONE COLORS. Great movement, fluorescence and translucency. Mounted on a micro core for easy tye-ins. Two Tone Jelly fiber tips glow in natural daylight and the material is designed to flare in the water creating plenty of movement. Read more at feather-craft.com. COLORS: (1)Atomic-Olive, (2)Fire-Prawn/Hot-Coral, (3)Fire-Prawn/Yellow, (4)UV Ghost/Hulk, (5)Hulk/Atomic-Yellow, (6)Iain-Barr-Candy/Pink, (7) Iain-Barr-Candy/Ghost-Candy, (8)Jenkins-Double-Sunburst, (9)Orange/Hot-Coral, (10)Pink/Hot-Coral, (11)Pink/Pink, (12)Orange/Atomic-Yellow, (13)Shocking-Pink/Atomic, (14)Sunburst/Orange, (15)UV-Atomic-Ghost, (16)UV-Ghost-Orange, (17)UV-Ghost-Pink, (18)Zest/Pink


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