UTC UTC Ultra Thread 70-Denier
UTC UTC Ultra Thread 70-Denier

UTC Ultra Thread 70-Denier

Item #: TH307

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Carefully developed to enhance tying performance.

UTC ULTRA THREAD 70 DENIER - This is a great size for tying the smallest of flies and for tying with low bulk on larger flies. It is the ideal choice for dry flies, nymphs, and midges size 14 or smaller. All of Ultra Thread’s characteristics were carefully chosen to enhance its tying performance. UTC chose nylon over polyester because nylon will stretch and grip materials better. This allows for more uniform tension and gives the tyer the “feel” for maximum tension. Their thread is flat with only the minimum number of twists needed for production. The flatter the thread is wrapped, the more slowly it builds up. For the same reason, this thread is lightly waxed. This thread also “splits well for dubbing loops. 100-yd spools.


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