enrico puglisi ENRICO PUGLISI Sparkle Brush - 3 Inch Wide
enrico puglisi ENRICO PUGLISI Sparkle Brush - 3 Inch Wide

ENRICO PUGLISI Sparkle Brush - 3 Inch Wide

Item #: TM208

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Gold $14.95
Copper $14.95
Silver $14.95
Rootbeer $14.95
Red/Black $14.95
Chartreuse $14.95
Pearl $14.95
Speckled Gold $14.95
Olive $14.95
Golden Orange $14.95
Red $14.95
Pearl Magic $14.95


EP SPARKLE BRUSH – 3-INCH WIDE. Made with fine EP Sparkle material. Makes quick work out of tying Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow, and great for adding flash to any streamer or steelhead pattern. Six 10” brushes in each pack. COLORS: (1)Gold, (2)Copper, (3)Silver, (4)Rootbeer, (5)Red/Black, (6)Chartreuse, (7)Pearl, (8)Speckled-Gold, (9)Olive, (10)Golden-Orange, (11)Red

Save a lot of time and tye gorgeous minnows, streamers, baitfish and crustaceans. These brushes are twisted on a wire core for extreme durability. Just wrap onto the hook shank, stroking the fibers back as you go, and trim to desires shape or leave whole. Alternate solid colors to create a “striped” effect. Mix and match different width and textured brushes to imitate just about any baitfish/Minnow. Here’s an easy one to start with, try the CRAFTFUR Brush as the back half of a minnow, then switch to the MINNOW HEAD Brush to finish the front half, trim and add eyes. Done.


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