Fair Flies FAIR FLIES 5D Dubbing Brush
Fair Flies FAIR FLIES 5D Dubbing Brush

FAIR FLIES 5D Dubbing Brush

Item #: TM300

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$11.99 $ 11.99
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Crystal Leech Purple $11.99
Charly-Cream/Tan/Pink $11.99
Steely-Black/Blue $11.99
Steely-Blue/Purple $11.99
Blue/Grizzly/Pink $11.99
Spey-Cream/Copper $11.99
Bleeding Leech Black $11.99
Sculpinow Dark Olive $11.99
Shrimpy Tan Pearl $11.99
Sculpinow Medium Olive $11.99
White/Chartreuse $11.99
Chromer Black $11.99
Hot-Orange/Chartreuse $11.99
Chartreuse $11.99
Chromer Purple $11.99
Brown/Black/Orange $11.99
White/Orange $11.99
Red/Black $11.99
Steely Purple Borealis $11.99
Steely Pink $11.99


FAIR FLIES 5D DUBBING BRUSHES – Perfectly matched synthetic fibers, flash, and in some colors, rubber hackle, wrapped around a highest-grade stainless steel core. These brushes offer fuller, bulkier profiles with fewer turns and are suited to tying on any platform, fresh or salt. A dynamic material for building bodies simply. COLORS: (1)Crystal-Leech-Purple, (2)Charly-Cream/Tan/Pink, (3)Steely-Black/Blue, (4)Steely-Blue/Purple, (5)Blue/Grizzly/Pink, (6)Spey-Cream/Copper, (7)Bleeding-Leech-Black, (8)Sculpinow-Dk-Olive, (9)Shrimpy-Tan-Pearl, (10)Sculpinow-Med-Olive, (11)White/Chartreuse, (12)Chromer-Black, (13)Hot-Orange/Chartreuse, (14)Chartreuse, (15)Chromer-Purple, (16)Brown/Black/Orange, (17)White/Orange, (18)Red/Black, (19)Steely-Purple-Borealis, (20)Steely-Pink.


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