CDC Oiler Puffs
CDC Oiler Puffs

CDC Oiler Puffs

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$2.95 $ 2.95
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Woodduck Gold $2.95
White $2.95
Fl Chartreuse $2.95
Light Dun $2.95
Medium Dun $2.95
Pale Morning Dun $2.95
Blue Wing Olive $2.95
Natural Gray $2.95
Olive $2.95
Light Olive $2.95
Rusty Spinner $2.95
Tan $2.95
Grey Olive $2.95
Callibeatis $2.95


CDC OILER PUFFS - Beautiful puffball-like feathers ideal for tying over the thorax area to float a dry fly or emerger in sizes 16-24. COLORS: (1)Woodduck-gold, (2)White, (3)Fl-Chartreuse, (4)Lt-Dun, (5)Med-Dun, (6)Pale Morning Dun, (7)BWO, (8)Natural-Grey, (9)Olive, (10)Lt-Olive, (11)Rusty-Spinner, (12)Tan, (13)Grey-Olive, (14)Callibaetis.


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