enrico puglisi ENRICO PUGLISI Trigger Point Fibers
enrico puglisi ENRICO PUGLISI Trigger Point Fibers

ENRICO PUGLISI Trigger Point Fibers

Item #: TU092

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$9.95 $ 9.95
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March Brown $9.95
Light March Brown $9.95
Green Drake $9.95
Caddis Black $9.95
Blue Wing Olive $9.95
Cinnamon Caddis $9.95
Rust $9.95
Spinner Wing $9.95
White $9.95
Yellow Sally $9.95
Olive Grey Dun $9.95
Western Caddis Grey Light $9.95
Western Caddis Grey Medium $9.95
Western Caddis Grey Dark $9.95
Quick Silver $9.95
Gilden Sulfur $9.95
Pale Morning Dun $9.95
Reddish Olive $9.95
Apple Green $9.95
Dark Dun $9.95
Hendrickson $9.95
Pale Olive $9.95
Sulphur Wing $9.95


EP TRIGGER POINT FIBERS - These fibers have been designed to match a multitude of wing and body colors found in aquatic insects worldwide. Pre-treated with Watershed waterproofing liquid so this material floats like a cork. Effective for caddis, mayflies and more. Use them for wings and posts, or twist the material and wrap on as the flies body. Can be colored or enhanced with waterproof markers. 8-Inch Hanks. COLORS: (1)March-Brown, (2)Lt-March-Brown, (3)Green-Drake, (4)Caddis-Black, (5)Blue-Wing-Olive, (6)Cinnamon-Caddis, (7)Rust, (8)Spinner-Wing, (8)9White, (10)Yellow-Sally, (11)Olive-Grey-Dun, (12)Western-Caddis-Grey-Light, (13)Western-Caddis-Grey-Medium, (14)Western-Caddis-Grey-Dark, (15)Quick-Silver, (16)Golden-Sulfur, (17)Pale-Morning-Dun, (18)Reddish-Olive, (19)Apple-Green, (20)Dk-Dun, (21)Hendrickson, (22)Pale-Olive


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