Fly Fur
Fly Fur

Fly Fur

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$7.50 $ 7.50
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Tan $7.50
Rust $7.50
Olive $7.50
Hot Pink $7.50
Hot Orange $7.50
Dark Sapphire Blue $7.50
Dark Purple $7.50
Chartreuse $7.50
Brown $7.50
White Barred Black $7.50
Black $7.50
White $7.50


The best Craft Fur on the market... Bob Story

PREMIUM FLY FUR is designed by fly tyers specifically for fly tiers. It would be an insult to call it simply craft fur because it easily replaces the old stuff. This is a step above! It is also a great replacement for marabou making better stronger, flowing and profiled flies and jigs. The long supple fibers have tapered tips and are very fine making it much less likely to tangle or clump up, and virtually no underfur to deal with. YOU WILL LOVE TYING WITH THIS. Each 2 1/4 x 11 inch strip comes attached to a backer card with a durable hang tab for easy storage. COLORS: (1)Tan, (2)Rust, (3)Olive, (4)Hot-Pink, (5)Hot-Orange, (6)Dark-Sapphire-Blue, (7)Dk-Purple, (8)Chartreuse, (9)Brown, (10)White/Black-Barred, (11)Black, (12)White. NOTE: Manufacturer raised price 2/1/22 after our 2022 Catalog was already printed.

* Half the underfur and twice the overfur of other select craft furs

* Longest, most supple fibers will not leave you wanting for your pike and streamer patterns

* Superfine fibers are coated so that they do not clump but flow freely when wet

* Uniquely designed colors for fish - not leftover colors from other industries

* Great marabou replacement

* Perfect for tying your flies and jigs

* Outlasts the natural fibers it replaces

* Fibers made from 45% post-consumer products

25 square inches


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