flymen fishing company FLYMEN Glass Minnow Guide Fly Kit
flymen fishing company FLYMEN Glass Minnow Guide Fly Kit

FLYMEN Glass Minnow Guide Fly Kit

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FLYMEN GLASS MINNOW GUIDE FLY KIT - Contains everything you need to tie 6 Glass Minnow flies, White/Pink and Chartreuse/Pink.

Designed to be quick and easy to whip up in your fly tying vise, the Glass Minnow Guide Fly is a lightweight, nearly weightless, imitation perfect for those fishing situations in which you need to suspend your fly in the water column to draw in the predatory fish you’re targeting.

FLYMEN FLY TYING KITS – These kits include all first class materials and hooks from Flymen, Hareline and Kona. Kits include everything a fly tyer needs to learn and tie a specific fly pattern with all of the materials and step-by-step instructions with photos. These are geared for both the beginning fly tyer, and the more experienced tyer looking for a quick, convenient solution.


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