flymen fishing company FLYMEN Super Bugger Kit
flymen fishing company FLYMEN Super Bugger Kit

FLYMEN Super Bugger Kit

Item #: TX111

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FLYMEN SUPER BUGGER KIT - Contains everything you need to tye 6 Super Buggers.

Strip the fly to resemble a fleeing minnow or dead-drift it to mimic a variety of aquatic insects and other tasty critters. Tied with the award-winning Fish-Skull® Baitfish Head™. Ultra-realistic Fish-Skull® Living Eyes™ act as an important trigger for predatory gamefish.

FLYMEN FLY TYING KITS – These kits include all first class materials and hooks from Flymen, Hareline and Kona. Kits include everything a fly tyer needs to learn and tie a specific fly pattern with all of the materials and step-by-step instructions with photos. These are geared for both the beginning fly tyer, and the more experienced tyer looking for a quick, convenient solution.


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