FLYMEN Sculpin Bandito Kit
FLYMEN Sculpin Bandito Kit

FLYMEN Sculpin Bandito Kit

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FLYMEN SCULPIN BANDITO KIT - An articulated, weighted sculpin pattern for fishing on the riverbed or sand flats. Everything you need to tie 6 Sculpin Bandito flies.

The Bandito Sculpin is a weighted articulated Sculpin pattern designed to be fished on the bottom of a riverbed or salt flat. It is simple to tie and its unique Bandito Sculpin Head with the hook facing upwards enables the fly to glide over any obstacle and avoid snagging.

Bandito Sculpin Helmet: Adds the necessary weight for a grounded approach and a realistic flat sculpin profile.

Articulated Shanks: designed to promote a realistic swimming action.

Rabbit Fur and Silicone Legs: Easy breathing materials enhance lifelike movement.

Kona hooks: Positioned at the back of fly to snare short-striking fish

Living Eyes: Entraps fish with a look so real, it’s almost criminal.


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