simms SIMMS Essential Gear Bag
simms SIMMS Essential Gear Bag

SIMMS Essential Gear Bag

Item #: WF311

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$199.95 $ 199.95


SIMMS ESSENTIAL GEAR BAG - Keep your gear organized with the new Essential gear bag from Simms. Loaded with features and storage, this travel companion carries all the items for a long weekend of fishing adventures. Wet storage for boots and waders (TPU coated interior separating wet from dry spaces), dry storage for clothes and fishing tools/flies. Zippered pockets on top lid make finding gloves, boxes, socks and hats a snap. Easy access main storage allows for maximum capacity and convenient accessibility. Shoulder strap for carrying to and from your vehicle to lodge/home. 24” x 14” x 18”. 90-Liters (5,492 cu. inches) of capacity at the ready!

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