simms SIMMS Women's Sungaitor
simms SIMMS Women's Sungaitor

SIMMS Women's Sungaitor

Item #: WM131

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SIMMS WOMEN’S SUNGAITOR - The blue skies and sandy shores of the tropics beckon. Spending a full day under the sun requires stepping up your sun coverage. Our women's SunGaiter™ helps you spend more time on the water with less sun exposure. Made from lightweight, quick-drying stretch fabric, it features laser-cut breathing holes, so you don't feel like you are breathing through a balaclava. The SolarFlex® fabric offers UPF 50 protection and covers from the top of your nose down to your shirt collar. There's a ponytail port for long hair and the gaiter is high enough in the back to fit over or under your favorite fishing hat. Color Is Coastal-Print-Aqua.

 Quick-dry, breathable stretch fabric with laser cut breathing holes  Longer cape for better sun coverage at neckline  Tall enough to fit over back of fishing cap

FABRIC TECH: SolarFlex® UPF 50 stretch fabric


SIZES: One size fits most


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