simms SIMMS Women's Guard Socks
simms SIMMS Women's Guard Socks

SIMMS Women's Guard Socks

Item #: WM147

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$39.95 $ 39.95
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Small (6-7) $39.95
Medium (8-9) $39.95
Large (10-11) $39.95
X-Large (12-13) $39.95


SIMMS WOMEN’S GUIDE GUARD SOCKS - The freedom of wet wading opens your options on the river. Our Women's Guide Guard Socks are designed to give you a snug, responsive fit in your wading boots, so you have the confidence to explore freely. They feature a left/right foot specific design and are tapered for women's slimmer feet to help prevent bunching. These socks are easy to put on and take off and are built to stand up to the prolonged beatings that come with moving among rocks, brush and gravel.

 Antomically correct left and right

FABRIC TECH: 2.5mm airprene APPROX. WEIGHT: 10 oz per pair SIZES: S (6-7), M (8-9), L (10-11), XL (12-13)


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