rl winston WINSTON Limited Edition 90th Anniversary Fly Rods
rl winston WINSTON Limited Edition 90th Anniversary Fly Rods

WINSTON Limited Edition 90th Anniversary Fly Rods

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IM6 9' 5wt. 2pc. $700.00


WINSTON LIMITED EDITION 90th ANNIVERSARY LEGACY FLY RODS - 2019 marks R.L. Winston Rod Company’s 90th Anniversary of building the world’s finest fly rods. To commemorate this event, Winston is very proud to re-introduce a series of special edition Legacy Rods, which includes three of their most revered models. Each Legacy Rod demonstrates Winston’s tradition of innovation and the famous “Winston Feel,” which have brought anglers back for their next Winston time after time. The rods are hand-inscribed as special edition models and feature original specifications, including ferrule style, material and action. The historic Winston Trophy label and unique uplocking nickel silver reel seat complete the definitive look.


BIIt 8’ 6” 4wt 4pc. - The Staff of Moses

The Boron IIt, the first Winston to incorporate higher modulus graphite with a light application of Boron composite into Winston’s light line trout tapers, achieved a celebrated, even biblical reputation among dry fly enthusiasts. The most distinguished rod in the Boron IIt series was the famous 8’6” 4 weight. The rod was so highly regarded, that it was dubbed “The Staff of Moses”. To its fans, The Staff of Moses, displayed an uncanny ability to present the smallest of flies, on the lightest of tippet, and land surprisingly large trout. The Boron IIt series set the stage for utilizing modern materials in classic, moderate, and progressive rod actions. The Staff of Moses is the epitome of this series and the definition of Winston innovation.

WT 8’ 6” 5wt. 3pc. - Winston’s Most Popular 81/2’ 5-weight Rod

Since 1975, when Winston first began working with graphite material, the 5-weight rod has been a key rod for the company, as it is smooth enough for delicate dry fly presentations, yet powerful enough for wind, nymphing, and small streamers. The most popular of all the Winston WT 5-weight models was the 8’6” 5 weight. This configuration was so balanced and smooth, that Joan Wulff chose this rod as her favorite. It’s delicate enough for the lightest of tippet, yet crisp and accurate to maintain line control at distances up to 60 feet. It’s light, lively, and fun to fish. If someone had to own one trout rod, the WT 8’6” 5 weight would be tough to top. After all, who would disagree with Joan Wulff?

IM6 9’ 5wt. 2pc. - The Classic for All Time

We wish we had a nickel for every time a long-time customer said, “I love your new rods, I own a few of them – but I’ll never get rid of my two-piece IM6”. It is the classic graphite rod that introduced the famous “Winston Feel.” The IM6 9’ 5wt. 2-piece exemplified Winston’s definitive, balanced action and demonstrated the company’s revolutionary ability to build a lighter weight rod with a faster recovery taper. This rod can do everything a trout rod needs to do – from casting smaller dry flies, to pounding the banks with streamers out of a drift boat, to nymphing with easy mends.


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