j:son J:SON Mayfly Adult Dun
j:son J:SON Mayfly Adult Dun

J:SON Mayfly Adult Dun

Item #: JF618

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J:SON MAYFLY ADULT DUN in Colors: (1)Cream, (2)Cinnamon-Brown, (3)Olive-Grey, (4)Black in Sizes: 14, 16

INTRODUCING J:SON REALISTIC FLIES from Sweden Flies designed to perfectly mimic Mother Nature, but also the STRONGEST, MOST DURABLE FLIES in your box. Dry flies that leave a perfect impression on the water's surface and are virtually unsinkable. Nymphs made with the J:Son System have a natural silhouette. These flies are incredibly durable, so you can focus on the whole point of fishing... change flies less often, fish more. J:SON sizes their flies by length, I've converted that (as closely as I can) into our more familiar 'hook' sizing for your reference.


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