Jurassic Fish Pins
Jurassic Fish Pins

Jurassic Fish Pins

Item #: GT001

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$29.00 $ 29.00
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Rainbow Trout $29.00
Leaping Rainbow Trout $29.00
Brown Trout $29.00
Leaping Brown Trout $29.00
Brook Trout $29.00
Leaping Brook Trout $29.00
Largemouth Bass $29.00
Leaping Largemouth Bass $29.00


JURASSIC FISH PINS - A great gift! Wake up your fishing hat or vest with some 'good fishin' mojo.' These super-high quality hand-painted pewter pins attach via 2 heavy duty clasps. Pins measure 2". STYLES: (1)Rainbow-Trout, (2)Leaping-Rainbow-Trout, (3)Brown-Trout, (4)Leaping-Brown-Trout, (5)Brook-Trout, (6)Leaping-Brook-Trout, (7)Largemouth-Bass, (8)Leaping Largemouth Bass (not pictured) - and DOZENS MORE STYLES available by clicking the 'Pewter Fish Pin' category on your left.


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