Krinkle Mirror Flash
Krinkle Mirror Flash

Krinkle Mirror Flash

Item #: TU058

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$4.95 $ 4.95
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Lime/Chartreuse $4.95
Blue $4.95
Rootbeer $4.95
Pearl $4.95
Black $4.95
Olive $4.95
Fl Yellow $4.95
Orange $4.95
Pink $4.95
Laser (Silver) $4.95
Gold $4.95
Red $4.95
Purple $4.95


KRINKLE MIRROR FLASH - Glimmering Mylar strands with a slightly "crimped" texture that mimics fish scales. Much more subtle than Holographic materials. A little bit goes a long way. FANTASTIC! COLORS: (1)Lime, (2)Olive, (3)Fl-Yellow, (4)Orange, (5)Pink, (6)Laser, (7)Gold, (8)Red, (9)Purple, (10)Blue, (11)Rootbeer, (12)Pearl, (13)Peacock Black (hank)


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