Kwik Check Pressure Gauge
Kwik Check Pressure Gauge

Kwik Check Pressure Gauge

Item #: UB001

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KWIK-CHECK PRESSURE GAUGE - From the makers of the K-Pump - Keep your float tube, pontoon boat or raft at optimum MFG suggested air pressure levels for the very best performance. Built in the K-Pump tradition of simplicity of operation and durability, the Kwik-Check pressure gauge accurately reads from 0 to 15 P.S.I.. The gauge works beautifully on the Leafield valves and with the simple adaptor (included) the gauge will work on Summit, Hakey-Roberts, Innova, Military and most "knock offs" of the aforementioned valves. Hot sun can cause the air in your inflatables to expand to a dangerous level. Make your trip trouble-free and enjoyable by taking a minute to monitor the pressure in your craft.


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