Life Flex
Life Flex

Life Flex

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$3.25 $ 3.25
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Black $3.25
Orange $3.25
Purple $3.25
Red $3.25
Tan $3.25
White $3.25
yellow $3.25
Fl Chartreuse $3.25
Fl Pink $3.25
Blood Red $3.25
Brown $3.25
Cream $3.25
Dk Olive $3.25
Ginger $3.25
Lt Gray $3.25
Lt Olive $3.25
Olive $3.25


LIFE FLEX - This spandex material is oval in shape and wiggles like crazy in the water when tyed in as legs. Also can be wound like floss for bodies on dries or nymphs. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Blood-Red, (3)Brown, (4)Cream, (5)Dk-Olive, (6)Ginger, (7)Lt-Gray, (8)Lt-Olive, (9)Olive, (10)Orange, (11)Purple, (12)Red, (13)Tan, (14)Wht, (15)Yellow, (16)Fl-Chartreuse, (17)Fl-Pink $2.95/pak OR Any 3-Paks $7.50 NOTE: 3-PAK Discount will show as a PROMO DISCOUNT at checkout


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