Lizzard Legs
Lizzard Legs

Lizzard Legs

Item #: TB082

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$3.95 $ 3.95
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Black/Fl Lime/Fl Yellow $3.95
Red/Black/Gold $3.95
Black/Silver/Orange $3.95
Blue/Black/Silver $3.95
Tan/Fl Lime/Orange $3.95
Brown/Gold/Fl Lime $3.95
Orange/Black/Lime $3.95
White/Black/Orange $3.95
Yellow/Black/Fl Lime $3.95
Purple/Black/Gold $3.95


LIZARD LEGS - A different (tri-color) twist on rubber leg hackle. THREE DIFFERENT COLORS make up each set of strips. The first layer is the BASE COLOR(shows on both sides) followed by the FIRST COLOR print. The SECOND COLOR print is on the opposite side. So colors are listed as follows... Base-Color/First-Color/Second-Color: (1)Black/Fl-Lime/Fl-Yellow, (2)Black/Silver/Orange, (3)Blue/Black/Silver, (4)Tan/Fl-Lime/Orange, (5)Brown/Gold/Fl-Lime, (6)Orange/Black/Fl-Lime, (7)White/Black/Orange, (8)Yellow/Black/Fl-Lime, (9)Purple/Black/Gold, (10)Red/Black/Gold


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