Loco Legs
Loco Legs

Loco Legs

Item #: TB045

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$3.75 $ 3.75
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Grey $3.75
Tan $3.75
Tan Turlegrass $3.75
UV Violet $3.75
Chartreuse $3.75
Green Turtlegrass $3.75
Olive $3.75
Olive Dun Turtlegrass $3.75
Orange Shrimp $3.75
Pink Shrimp $3.75
Pumpkin $3.75
Bonefish Pink $3.75
Sand $3.75


LOCO LEGS - These are Crazy Legs (a.k.a. Sili-Legs) that have been custom dyed with the saltwater fly tyer in mind. Really nice (different) colors for shrimp, crabs and any fly for bonefish, redfish, permit, etc. All colors have sparkling "flecks" imbedded. COLORS: (1)Grey, (2)Green-Turtlegrass, (3)Olive, (4)Olive-Dun-Turtlegrass, (5)Orange-Shrimp, (6)Pink-Shrimp, (7)Pumpkin, (8)Bonefish-Pink, (9)Sand, (10)Tan, (11)Tan-Turtlegrass, (12)UV-Violette, (13)Chartreuse


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