LOON Hard Head Finish
LOON Hard Head Finish

LOON Hard Head Finish

Item #: TZ009

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Clear $7.50
Green Pearlescent $7.50
Green $7.50
Blue $7.50
Black $7.50
Red $7.50
Pink $7.50
Orange $7.50
Yellow $7.50
White Pearlescent $7.50
Red Pearlescent $7.50
Blue Pearlescent $7.50


LOON "HARD-HEAD FINISH" Thick like Epoxy. HANDLES LIKE EPOXY (without the mixing). WORKS EVERY TIME. Builds a beautiful GLOSSY HARD FINISH over the thread-wraps when finishing a fly head. We use the "clear" to overcoat Decal Eyes on fly heads for a 3-D look. Two thin coats is best. Thin with Loon's Water-Base Thinner. With applicator bottle (trim the brush a bit). COLORS: (1)Clear, (2)Black, (3)Red, (4)Pink, (5)Orange, (6)Yellow, (7)White-Pearlescent, (8)Red-Pearlescent, (9)Blue-Pearlescent, (10)Green-Pearlescent, (11)Green, (12)Blue. 1-oz bottle w/brush

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