loon LOON Comfy-Grip Rogue QuickDraw Forceps
loon LOON Comfy-Grip Rogue QuickDraw Forceps

LOON Comfy-Grip Rogue QuickDraw Forceps

Item #: HF080

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LOON COMFY-GRIP ROGUE QUICKDRAW FORCEPS – WITH CARABINER FINGER LOOPS FOR EASY ATTACHMENT. STORE ANYWHERE, GO EVERYWHERE. The ultimate hemostat, thoughtfully designed from the tips to the jaws to the handle. The tight angles and engineered shape accommodate all fly sizes, allow for easy hook removal, and can crimp even the heaviest of barbs with its flat geometric jaws. Comfy, extra-thick grip on oversized thumb and finger holes accommodate large or gloved hands, and the compact scissors in the jaw easily clip light or heavy leader. Also an eye cleaning needle, locking handles and stealth matte-black rust resistant finish. Constructed from surgical quality stainless steel. 6.5” long.


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