loon LOON UV Clear Fly Finish - THIN
loon LOON UV Clear Fly Finish - THIN

LOON UV Clear Fly Finish - THIN

Item #: GR101

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LOON UV CLEAR FLY FINISH - THIN - With less viscosity than the original, UV Clear Fly Finish Thin is perfect for delicate applications. It can be used to make smaller heads, bodies or wing cases, or to coat a small thread head. ($12.95 1/2-oz), ($44.95 2-oz) squeeze bottle.

LOON UV CLEAR FLY FINISH remains workable until exposed to direct sunlight or Loon's UV Power Light, at which point it will cure in a matter of seconds. The possibilities are endless! FEATURES: New UV Blocking squeeze bottle and application needles. New Taper-Tip needle prevents clogs. Build fly heads and bodies. Instantly cures with sunlight or UV light. Brush Applicator included. Needle tip included for precision tying.

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