loon LOON UV Knot Sense
loon LOON UV Knot Sense

LOON UV Knot Sense

Item #: GR001

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LOON UV KNOT-SENSE... WATCH THIS: Using a Brown Nail Knot Tool, I nail-knotted our F-C LUCKY DOG 7-foot tapered Leader Butt-Section to the end of my 4, 5 and 6-wt lines. I smoothed UV KNOT-SENSE to a thin football shape over the nail-knot, held the knot in the sunlight for 6 seconds, and PRESTO it's dry and ready. The smoothed-over knot slips easily thru the line guides. Works for any knot in any leader system. WATCH AGAIN: I tyed a Copper-John nymph, and instead of mixing epoxy for the top of the thorax, applied a drop Knot Sense, hold the fly in the sunlight for 6 seconds, and I'm done.


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