Magic Minnow Body
Magic Minnow Body

Magic Minnow Body

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15-Denier (for sizes-4 or smaller) $4.50
30-Denier (for sizes-2 or larger) $4.50


MAGIC MINNOW BODY MATERIAL is ideal for creating the MAGIC-TAIL MINNOW, or most any minnow pattern. Can be applied in layers, or spun in a dubbing loop. It's a mixture of ICE DUB and Tri-Lobal Antron Fibers that create the perfect sparkle and translucency. Color is PEARLY WHITE and it is easily colored with waterproof markers. TWO FIBER SIZES: (15-Denier for sizes-4 or smaller), (30-Denier for sizes-2 or larger) (per Lg-PAK)


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