scientific anglers MASTERY MPX Floating Fly Line
scientific anglers MASTERY MPX Floating Fly Line

MASTERY MPX Floating Fly Line

Item #: FA075

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MASTERY 'MPX' FLY LINE with WELDED LOOPS INSTALLED, plus SA ID. Designed and formulated for the ultimate in general presentation. One half line size heavy to load med-fast to fast action rods. Braided mono core stays supple in moderate to cold conditions. COLORS: (1)Amber running line with Willow tip, (2)Buckskin running line with Optic-Green tip. WF3F thru WF9F

INTRODUCING: The all new SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS 'MPX' FLY LINE TAPER - This is a huge deal, as it replaces the iconic GPX taper fly lines. The MPX is still built a half size heavier to load today's med-fast to fast action rods and easily turn over large flies and multi nymph rigs (like GPX), but with an improved taper design making it the ultimate general presentation line. SA's famous AST technology is joined by their new SHOOTING TECHNOLOGY PLUS (ST+) for improved shootability, durability and floatation. Available in both standard MASTERY, and a textured version, now called WAVELENGTH. Both have welded loops on both ends and built in line identification printed on the line.


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