McFly Foam Egg Yarn
McFly Foam Egg Yarn

McFly Foam Egg Yarn

Item #: TC008

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$3.50 $ 3.50
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Bright Red $3.50
McCheese $3.50
White $3.50
Tangerine $3.50
Early Girl $3.50
January $3.50
Late Pink $3.50
Baby Blue $3.50
Flats Crab Tan $3.50
Flats Crab Brown $3.50
Cream Delight $3.50
Ripple $3.50
Dead Egg $3.50
Steelhead orange $3.50
Black $3.50
Fl Glo Flame $3.50
Chartreuse $3.50
Red $3.50
Golden $3.50
Late Mc Roe $3.50
Pink $3.50
McRoe $3.50
Orange $3.50


McFLYFOAM EGG YARN - Spongy feel when mashed, and expands right back to shape when released. Used just like GLO-BUG YARN for creating eggs. COLORS: (1)Bright-Red, (2)Ripple, (3)Chartreuse, (4)Red, (5)Golden, (6)Late-McRoe, (7)Pink, (8)McRoe, (9)Orange, (10)McCheese, (11)White, (12)Tangerine, (13)Early-Girl, (14)January, (15)Late-Pink, (16)Baby-Blue (Steelhead), (17)Flats-Crab-Tan, (18)Flats-Crab-Brown, (19)Cream-Delight, (20)Dead-Egg, (21)Steelhead-Orange, (22)Black, (23)Fl-Go-Flame


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