Midge Flash
Midge Flash

Midge Flash

Item #: TU032

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$3.95 $ 3.95
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Pearl $3.95
Chartreuse $3.95
Yellow $3.95
Purple $3.95
Black $3.95
Fl Fire Orange $3.95
Baitfish Blue $3.95
Copper $3.95
Red $3.95
Gold $3.95
Silver $3.95
Cream $3.95
Tan $3.95
Rootbeer $3.95
Olive $3.95
Pink $3.95
Peacock $3.95
Light Blue Dun $3.95
Fl Yellow $3.95


MIDGE FLASH will remind you of Krystal Flash, but a mere fraction of the diameter. Smallest twisted mylar flash available. Can be used on the smallest trout flies, to large saltwater streamers where a more subtle accent is better. Try it! COLORS: (1)Pearl, (2)Cream, (3)Tan, (4)Rootbeer, (5)Olive, (6)Pink, (7)Peacock, (8)Lt-Blue-Dun, (9)Fl-Yellow, (10)Fl-Chartreuse, (11)Yellow, (12)Purple, (13)Black, (14)Fl-Fire-Orange, (15)Baitfish-Blue, (16)Copper, (17)Red, (18)Gold, (19)Silver $3.95/PAK OR Any 5-PAKS $18.95 NOTE: 5-PAK Discount will show as a PROMO DISCOUNT at checkout


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