Miracle Mop
Miracle Mop

Miracle Mop

Item #: HP321

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The "MIRACLE MOP" DASH DUSTER! I wanted to bring this splendid item to your attention because it has served me so well for several years and still going like new. The dash board and console on my SUV are black. Specks of dust gather on it like a snow storm. I cure the problem in less than 15-seconds with this mini-size "DASH-DUSTER MOP". It's about 13-inches long by 7-inches wide. The mop "strands" are treated with a special wax, so that you never ever wash this mop. Simply lightly mop the dash-board and over the instruments and the console with the mop, and the dust is gone-instantly. Your dash-board looks new again. Shake the mop out and place it in the poly bag that I furnish, and store till the next time needed. I've pre-tested this one for you over the past several years and thought you might like one (and maybe one for your lovely's car). You're going to love it... (We're all using it to dust our houses too!)


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