Morning Star MORNING STAR Lanyard
Morning Star MORNING STAR Lanyard


Item #: HP908

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MORNING STAR LANYARDS We've sold a half dozen different brands of neck lanyards over the years, and frankly, I like them all. The concept of keeping your most used tools and accessories, or even a small box of flies completely accessible and at-the-ready is a wonderful convenience. It's a must for float tubers and boaters, and I've even used a lanyard to replace a vest in some situations (much cooler in the Summer). MORNING STAR LANYARDS have one huge advantage over all the rest. Their lanyards are constructed from black, vinyl-coated, stainless-steel cable. The stiffer cable holds it's "hoop shape", even when loaded down with gadgets. No more twisted, tangled clusters of tools and accessories while wearing or storing a limp lanyard. MORNING STAR LANYARDS also feature quick-release safety break-away (impossible to hang yourself if you fall in), comfortable supportive nylon neck band, 5-quality swivels for accessories, and a stainless-steel clip that secures lanyard to shirt when bending over. F-C BONUS FEATURES: Retractor, fly patch and tippet holder are included. Hand crafted in the USA. COLORS: (1)Carved-Black, (3)Amber/Black, (4)Turquoise-Speckled


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